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Automatic Snow

Google now does automatic things to your pictures and some are really cool like stitching together panoramas. Here these pictures from Uzhupis Independence Day 2013 had been given automatic snow. I particularly like the one of the “Presidential swim”

15 Wearhead Primary School

Our next stop on February 15th was a visit to Wearhead Primary School. The children had prepared for Tomasz’s visit by decking out the hall with the Uzhupis flag. We had invited guests to see a presentation on “The Bonny Moorhen” community play and we showed this to Tomasz, the visitors and the guests. This presentation has since been seen at a Conference in Birmingham, in Stanhope to the project funders, in Darlington Town Hall to the North East Cooperative Party and sections of it at the University of Brighton. After the presentation the children asked Tomasz questions. The questions were very interesting and the answers quite profound. Tomasz explained to us “the language of silence (not many people speak that)

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14 Unthank Theatre

Next on February 1st we headed into the Dale to Stanhope and to the Shed in Unthank Park. This very day work began to transform the Shed into Unthank Theatre for the community play “The Bonny Morhen“, to be staged in March. His excellency kindly blessed the shed and good luck has reigned ever since. Click here to see the blessing of the Shed.

13 Jack Drum Arts

On February the 1st we visited Jack Drum Arts in Crook. Tomasz gave out Uzhupis memorabilia and stamped everyones passports. Since the visit the Constitution of Uzhupis was enlarged and hung on the wall. Every morning it is ceremonially read out before work begins.


12 Marian and Terry

After dropping Barry off in Skinningrove I drove home via the scenic route over the moors. On passing Margrove Park I had a stroke of inspiration. I stopped off at the only place in England where smoking is allowed. Sure enough Mrian and Terry  were puffing away and Tomasz blissfully joined them.

11 Fish and Chips

On the evening of 31st January we dined on fish and chips at the Seaview Restaurant in Saltburn, and very fine it was too.

10 Rigwood House

Towards the evening of January 31st we visited the “Ladies of the Armchairs”, Sue and Bernie at Rigwood House. Tomasz was delighted to hear of the owls in the grounds of Rigwood. Our main intention was to seek advice on a local place to dine and Sue and Bernie’s suggestion was where we headed next.

09 Ormesby Library

On 31st of January I had a session to deliver at Ormesby Library to show Friends of Ormesby Library how to design a website. Tomasz came along and gave a presentation on Uzhupis (Click image to enlarge)

08 Teesside University

On January 31st Tomasz visited DigitalCity Innovation in the Phoenix Building at Teesside University. We visited the recording studio where he and H.E. Barry recorded voice parts for a new movie. Afterwards the sound engineer was appointed the Ministerial Audio Engineer – see below.

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The Ministerial Audio Engineer

[yframe url=’http://youtu.be/AWJNSNawgmY’]

For more on why they were in the studio click here.


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